From the blog of the Arizona Water Innovation Initiative in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University:

Matching groundwater withdrawal and recharge locations in the Valley of the Sun

Supporting rural communities to protect their groundwater

Explaining the new federal regulation for PFAS in drinking water

New Arizona Water Innovation Initiative year in review highlights our impact

New partnership to quickly detect water supply and demand changes

Latest Colorado River management forum moves water experts toward consensus

ASU research fellow addressing tribal water policy in Arizona

Asking why water tastes like water

For Arizona, climate change is water change

Welcome to the Arizona Water Innovation Initiative blog

From The Confluence, the blog of the California Institute for Water Resources:

From the Ground Up: Climate Change and Environmental Justice in California

Growing the right tree in the right place with the right amount of water

Culturally appropriate youth water education 

When it comes to water access, the devil is in the details

Retaining diverse environment and water scholars through community 

From being an engineer to researching nature’s engineers 

Water and COVID-19: An early overview from California 

Trends and opportunities in water markets in the western U.S. 

Water management as farming practice

Supporting first-generation ranchers in coping with drought and climate change 

Catching the water bug: A conversation with Brinda Sarathy 

Silver Solutions: A new webinar series from the UC ANR Water Program Team 

Bottled water sales track community response to water contamination 

Researching California’s extreme weather, storm-by-storm 

Improving water governance through informed decision-making

Economic policy approaches to water allocation in California 

Rising to the challenges of 21st century water management in Los Angeles 

Documenting California drought as an undocumented researcher

The health effects of drought and extreme temperatures in California 

Conserving freshwater ecosystems as they change

Exploring the relationship between emotions and water issues

Son of farmworkers turned professor focuses on water issues in California’s Central Valley

A social ecological perspective on water issues

Listening to communities: A bottom-up approach to water planning in California

Trauma and resilience in California disaster response and readiness

How are California water managers thinking about climate change? It depends

California Indigenous perspectives on water and fire management

Understanding California’s water culture

California’s idea of “natural” beauty may have shifted during the drought

Fire and water issues are intimately linked in California

Celebrating sixty years of water resources research and extension at the University of California

Water at the center in a time of tension and possibility 

Water is life, relationality, and tribal sovereignty: An interview with Melanie K. Yazzie

Challenges and bottlenecks for groundwater recharge in California 

Water challenges for California’s small farm community 

Access, power, and money in California groundwater governance 

Drop for drop? The tension between sameness and difference in water sources 

Working with wild horses and water controversies in rural California 

Making the invisible visible: Connecting home water use & city infrastructure through participatory design  

Determining how many fish a long dammed river could sustain  

Creating a student-driven water research community

Taking the long view – the very long view – on California water and drought

Identifying gaps in protecting California’s native fish

Cutting edge tools to identify potential groundwater well problems

Working with salty soils and homemade research tools in the Delta

Incorporating social equity into California water management

From surviving to thriving: trees in street-side stormwater facilities

All the water we can get – managed groundwater recharge in California

Small but mighty: researchers find periodically flowing streams in California are surprisingly diverse

At The Science Unicorn, my now archived personal blog, I wrote about everything from science communication and engagement to water and drought to grief and emotions around environmental issues. Much of that material has morphed into my book, Getting to the Heart of Science Communication (Spring 2021). Some of the most popular posts there include: